Matt Sampson Photography



Observing a landscape from any perspective provides limitless creative possibility. With my DJI Phantom 4 drone, I've been able to capture new angles and perspectives that would otherwise be impossible to capture by hand and foot. I had no idea how much fun I'd have flying this little camera around—it's truly become an addiction. Check out more of my aerial work at the link below.

National Parks

My love for this country's National Parks (and nature in general) started at an early age. My mom grew up in a lake house bordering Rocky Mountain National Park in CO, and we spent every summer exploring the Rockies. Now, I prefer exploring the parks by backpack with a close group of friends. Every year, I try tackling another park—this year I spent time in Grand Teton National Park, trekking through snow on the Crest Trail. Each of these experiences, brings unexpected challenges and unworldly scenes that I feel can only be experienced in the backcountry. Check out more of my photos from National Parks at the link below.


Door County

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and now live in Door County, WI—a beautiful peninsula between Lake Michigan and Green Bay in northern WI. The summers are busy, full of tourists and outdoor activities, and the winters are quiet, peaceful, and relaxing. Since moving to Door County, I've fallen in love with the simplicity, yet beauty, of Midwestern landscapes. Check out more of my photos from the Midwest at the link below.


For just over five years, I lived in La Jolla, CA, where I studied at the University of California, San Diego to receive my PhD in Chemistry. San Diego and the rest of California were the reasons I fell in love with photography—constantly documenting my travels to local beaches and National Parks across the state with my camera. To this day, I'm just not sure why I left California, but I try to revisit the area at least once a year to get my fix. Check out more of my photos from California at the link below.


Other than photography, my other passion is craft beer and its culture. I've been fortunate to start writing profile stories and photographing for Good Beer Hunting. My latest story brought me back to one of my favorite breweries from my time in San Diego for grad school, Societe Brewing Company. The guys at Societe are brewing some of the best beers in the country, and it was a joy to sit down to get to know them more. Check out more of my beer photography and my projects for Good Beer Hunting at the link below.